Nicaforest – high impact reforestation in Nicaragua!

Certified by Forestry Stewardship Council, Rainforest Alliance and Gold Standard.

A focused investment profile

All funds allocated to planting, no land acquisitions.

  • Reduced investment level (no funds needed for land procurements)
  • No payment for non-planted areas (normally only 60-65% of available land is planted making investment costs high per planted hectares)
  • No risk attached to procurement of land
  • Focusing on reforestation only - reduced operational costs and risk
  • Easier exit (Do not need to sell land)
  • Landowner close to assets reduces operational risk
  • Risk of expropriation (political risk) very unlikely due to partnerships with local landowners.

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An ethical investment with a triple bottom line; people, planet, profit

In a world where traditional asset classes such as shares, bank bonds and property are seen as volatile, more and more investors are looking to commodity investments for a return and timber has historically performed better than most.

Growing certified teak within an ethical and sustainable context creates better livelihood for the people in Nicaragua, increased carbon stock for the planet and competitive profit for the investors.

The program enables landowners to participate in the timber and carbon markets alongside with investors. The investor’s benefit from lower and more focused investments as well as reduced investment risks.

Planting is done only on land that has been deforested since 31.12.1989 and in compliance with the regulatory framework of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) operating under the United Nations, thus securing an environmentally and socially sustainable impact.

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